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Pre-employment/Insurance Screening 

Get results in just minutes regardless of the location. No special scheduling or appointments, no traveling to a clinic, and no need for supervising urine collections. mLife offers unmatched customer service and support for all its testing programs. All mLife products are designed to be administered in your facility or in the field by non-medical personnel allowing customers to customize their testing program to best suit their needs. A description of mLife devices can be found here:

Lab Confirmation with Portal Results

mLife has its own CLIA certified, LC-MS testing laboratory and a growing network of partner labs.  Qualitative results in the field, and quantitative testing with 99.9% Accuracy via an LC-MS Laboratory.  Confirmation results typically available with 24-48 hour turn-around-time (TAT). Rapid results and lab results are tracked and viewable via mLife portal such as for audit or compliance purposes.
mLife DX oral saliva drug test
mLife Advantage

mWorks Test Panel

Ideal for Pre-employment and Drug Free Workplace Testing

Adulteration concerns are alleviated with the provision of an observable test; no privacy or gender concerns.

The detection window for Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Cocaine can take up to 5-hours to detect in urine (and several days to a week if testing hair) but as little as 5-minutes using mLife. 

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