Pre-employment Screening 

Pre-employment screening has become a necessity, as employers look to hire the best and brightest.   However, too often it has turned into a disruptive part of the hiring process, as potential employees are sent off premise and forced to wait on results to join a new employer.  The mLife device allows an employer to administer a drug test on premises in a non invasive way, while getting immediate results that allow  a quicker start date for the candidate.

Drug Free Workplace 

Drug Free Workplace programs are becoming more prevalent through out the country but status quo using urine comes with a costs.  Employers lose productivity sending employees offsite, while also forcing employees to endure a less than desirable process.  The mLife device can be administered in the office while allowing employees to quickly return to work.  
mLife Advantage

mWorks Test Panel

Ideal for Pre-employment and Drug Free Workplace Testing

Adulteration concerns are alleviated with the provision of an observable test; no privacy or gender concerns.

The detection window for Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Cocaine can take up to 5-hours to detect in urine (and several days to a week if testing hair) but as little as 5-minutes using mLife.