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Over the Counter


For individuals looking for a more definitive tool to test for drugs, the wait is over.  An oral drug test device from mLife Diagnostics will soon be available over the counter (OTC) are various retailers.  This innovative tool has what is known as a “BOTH-AND” benefit.  It has the ability to BOTH test for a wide array of drugs in a few minutes with a qualitative result AND provides a tamper proof and hygienic split sample that can be sent to an approved lab for a quantitative confirmation of the presumptive results.  No more second guessing.  No more excuses that the presumptive screen is flawed.  You now have the ability to know the truth about recent drug use.  It is better than urine with its privacy issues, its ability to easily be adulterated, and its less that optimal detection window.  Better than blood and its invasive, painful, risky, and expensive (may require a trained and licensed phlebotomist) nature.  Oral drug testing using mLife is fast, appropriate, non-invasive, inexpensive, and accurate.  More details to come…”

mLife DX oral saliva drug test
mLife Advantage

Custom Test Panels

It’s like having your own lab


Over the counter (OTC) drug tests have long been scrutinized with fears of a false positive reading.  Similar to a pregnancy test, a typical drug test might simply provide a presumptive reading.  The mLife is changing all of that by providing a saliva based qualitative screen within minutes but also a tamper proof split sample that can be mailed to an approved laboratory for professional and scientific analysis.  Like a physician, you will receive a detailed medical report detailing exactly what drugs were in the system in a nanograms per milliliter breakdown.  Like hospitals and professional sports leagues, you will now have a scientific laboratory at your fingertips. 

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