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Teachers and administrators are under a lot of stress and scrutiny these days.  Students, too, are burdened with a high degree of pressure from multiple sources and they manage it in unique ways.  More and more, we all hear about substances being used and abused in and around school settings.  Many schools have chosen to perform drug testing on their students as a way to help identify and address areas where help and assistance is needed.  For those schools and administrators, drug testing has been problematic.  Urine can easily be adulterated, there are privacy issues, efficacy concerns, and questions about who is administering it and its invasive nature.  Blood draws are painful and expensive and saliva tests, up to this point, have been unable to provide a quantitative test from a presumptive screen.  That has all changed with the mLife.  Now, a selected student can get a fast and easy, non-invasive drug test without the pain and embarrassment of other tests in a procedure that’s as simple as putting a lollipop in your mouth.  


mLife DX oral saliva drug test


We have all seen the news reports and the stories about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), players banned or expelled for marijuana use, or even the baseball pitcher seeking to get an edge by abusing prescription drugs.  These instances have led to callers on sports radio shows and editorial writers demanding drug testing to bring back fairness in sports.  Blood testing has been used for steroid use but it’s not a mechanism that can provide instant results in a pain free and non-invasive manner.  Urine has its difficulties too and is very easily adulterated if not observed.  If observed, then privacy issues come about.  Saliva is the obvious choice due to its appropriate window of detection in relationship to a sporting event.  Marijuana use decreases by 90% within 90-minutes when whole blood is tested, urine can take over 2-hours to detection drugs like Cocaine, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamines while saliva can detect those same drugs in approximately 5-minutes time, without intrusion, privacy issues, pain, or adulteration concerns.  The difference with mLife is in its unique ability to capture a split sample specimen that is hygienic and tamperproof for lab analysis as a quantitative measure of proof unlike other saliva drug test kits. 

mLife Advantage

Custom Test Panels

Ideal for testing the student-athlete with integrity

The need to test students is becoming ubiquitous this day and age with the rising demand of Scheduled drugs like Adderall and the popularity of addictive OTC substances and mechanisms like the Juul.  Students and athletes alike are under immense pressure and are turning to substances at unprecedented rates.

Administrators and coaches must ensure the safety and integrity of their programs and the need for a split-sample drug test with the ease of use and efficacy of saliva has been long awaited.  The wait is over now that mLife has arrived.

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