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mLife Verify 
Split Sample

The Verify device is the only oral fluid device that collects a true split sample.  Ideally suited for rapid screening for drugs or other conditions, the Verify device provides a completely separate specimen that may be sent to a lab for confirmation. The mLife Verify device has a customizable strip cartridge allowing for testing of different drugs or other conditions and giving a quantitative result within minutes.


mLife Specs

3" w x 3 ½” h x ¾” d

Weighs less than 2 oz.

mLife True

The mLife True oral fluid collection device utilizes an oral swab to easily collect specimens for laboratory analysis or other use in almost any environment.  The True device is adapted for testing for infectious diseases such as COVID as well as genetic testing and drug testing. The glass vial accommodates neat samples as well as samples utilizing a buffer or preservative. The size of the glass vial is variable and accommodates samples with or without buffer of up to 3ml.


mLife Classic

The mLife Classic device is an oral swab test device ideally suited for rapid screening with quantitative results within minutes. The Classic device uses the same customizable strip cartridge used in the Verify device, which allows for testing different drugs or other conditions. The Classic device can be used together with the True device if a separate lab confirmation specimen is desired. The use of the Classic and True devices together is often used when lab confirmations are expected to be infrequent. 

20221228 Classic IMG_2493.jpg
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