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Detection of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 using the mLife TrueTM oral fluid collection device has been validated by two independent CLIA-ertified/CAP-accredited high complexity molecular laboratories. 


mLifeDX, via one of its partner labs, has an EUA Request pending with the FDA for at-home use of the mLife TrueTM collection kit.  COVID-19 testing with the mLife True currently requires an ordering physician, medical professional oversight during collection, and physician reported results. 


The mLife True COVID-19 collection kits enable specimen collection with an oral swab in a wide variety of environments and includes a viral deactivation/RNA preservation buffer for safe and stable transportation and processing of the specimens without refrigeration.  The mLife True collection kit can reduce risks to health care practitioners and is suitable for back-to-work screening and other testing initiatives. Contact mLifeDX for more information.


mLife True testing opportunity


mLife is seeking to facilitate testing of workers in group settings encountering coronavirus outbreaks.  This could be a nursing home, a convalescent center, a detention facility or a food processing facility.  In particular, mLife would like to help test symptomatic front line workers at these facilities who have encountered potentially positive people as part of their work activities and would benefit from testing.  The facility should have available a registered nurse, medical officer or medical practitioner who has prescribed and can administer nasal swabs for the symptomatic positives among those workers.  If the facility and the individuals being testing are willing to participate, the mLife TrueTM swab would be used to collect a specimen, and then the nurse or practitioner would administer the nasal swab.  Both specimens would be sent to one of mLife's partner labs for parallel testing, and mLife would cover the cost of this testing and ensure prompt return of results to the participants.


There are several important goals.  First we feel a need to increase testing at local facilities for the benefit of the front line workers carrying out tasks important to our community.  This can improve the amount of testing available and lower costs to the facility.


Second, mLife will collect anonymous data showing how the mLife True works compared with the nasal swabs.  This data will be submitted to the FDA and help mLife secure approval for the mLife True collection kit.  This can help improve testing in Marshall and elsewhere, by making widely available an oral testing method that does not put healthcare workers at risk as is the case with nasal swabs.


If you believe that your facility is a good candidate for this program, send an email to or call 903-472-4266. 


Thank you City of Marshall for your help in this important initiative!

mLife True News

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Local company invents oral COVID-19 test to meet demand

With the discomfort and sometimes pain that come along with nasal swabs, the demand for a less stressful coronavirus testing solution has been high. Thus, a local Marshall company, “mLife Diagnostics LLC”, has answered the call, inventing an oral COVID-19 test kit that’s designed to not only be more manageable, but also more safe.

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