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Introducing mLife's new employment and insurances testing program

 mLife is now offering complete oral fluid testing solutions with lab confirmations and portal results. Employers can test in house and receive rapid results without the need to waste time and money going to a third party location for testing. The flexibility and convenience of mLife oral fluid testing is unmatched.



The mLife True oral fluid collection device utilizes an oral swab to easily collect specimens for laboratory or other analysis in almost any environment. The glass vial accommodates neat samples as well as samples utilizing a buffer or preservative. The size of the glass vial is variable and accommodates samples with or without buffer of up to 3ml.



The mLife Verify oral fluid testing device is a rapid screening tool for drugs of abuse and other uses, which also provides a simultaneously-collected split sample in a glass vial for subsequent lab testing. With an industry-first, patented design, up to 14 assay strips may be utilized for rapid screening, and a true split sample provides an unadulterated specimen for laboratory analysis.

mLife's Oral Fluid Drug Testing

can detect drug use with in minutes

Fast & Easy

Test and get results in just minutes. No special scheduling, storage of samples, third party collection or disposal protocols. 


mLife can be administered in your facility by non-medical personnel in any environment from the office to out in the field. 

Best in Class

99.9% Accuracy


LC-MS/MS Laboratory Confirmations available

mLife - The Right Answers at the Right T

mLife Oral Fluid Collection eliminates the need for gender-specific specimen collectors and observed collections in private areas. Our devices are designed to be used in any situation.

mLife saves your program time, money, and headaches.

Doctor with Files

Why Oral Fluid is Better Than Urine


Urine testing can be cheated, beat or otherwise falsified. Drug testing with oral fluids has become widely recognized as a reliable drug testing method because of its ability to detect multiple substances immediately after ingestion and up to four days thereafter. 


All oral fluid drug tests are administered out in the open - often on-the-spot - without gender or privacy issues, making undetected alterations of the test sample effectively impossible. 

“Compared to whole blood, oral fluid has several advantages in DI cases:  Oral fluid is quicker and less invasive to collect at the roadside, and this easy collection means the amount of drug measured more closely reflects a true snapshot of cannabis exposure at the time of suspected impairment.  This is important because the average time for DUI suspects to have their blood drawn after a traffic stop is about 1 ½ hours.”

-Philip Sobolesky, PhD

(May, 1, 2018) 

Testing for Cannabis in Oral Fluid: The State of the Art; Clinical Laboratory News

“But cannabinoids in whole blood can decrease by as much as 90% in 90 minutes.”

-Milman G, Schwope D,

Gorelick D, et al. 


Cannabinoids and metabolites in expectorated oral fluid following controlled smoked cannabis. 


Clin Chim Acta 2012; 413:765-70    

About mLife

mLife Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics company looking to bring the right answers at the right time for our end users. 

Toxicology testing has turned into a pain point for many industries. Too much time is lost gathering specimens and waiting on results. 

Our flagship products allow for both immediate initial screening and the ability to cleanly send the specimen to a high complexity lab for testing.

Are you ready for the mLife Advantage? 

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